b'Fiction Core Core CollectionsFictionCollection Twenty-Second EditionCore Collection Twenty-Second Edition H.W. Wilsons Fiction Core Collection (22nd Edition, 2024) provides the busy librarian with expert collection development advice on essential and highly recommended works of classic and contemporary fiction. Over 6,600 titles are includedall are popular works deemed to have lasting value to readers as well as new literary and genre titles that have been recognized as significant achievements in their respected areas of literature.FEATURESFeatured metadata includes precise genres and sub-genres, and subject headings that consistently include both location and time period where Collection Development Recommendations, appropriate. Books are easy to find through the index, and the metadata by Librarians for Librariansassociated with each record offers consistent insight into the contents of the Newbook. Additionally, a number of awards are included; and all entries for titlesEdition! in series will also include the name of that series. UPCOMING EDITION22nd Edition EASY-TO-USE ARRANGEMENTJULY 2024 Entries are arranged by last name of the author. This arrangement allows One Volume; 1,300 pages librarians to literally walk their shelves with Fiction Core Collection in hand.ISBN: 978-1-63700-726-6 This makes easy work of noting titles that should be added to their collection, List Price: $295 or to pull titles that are candidates for weeding. IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO 6,600 RECOMMENDED TITLESEach of the 6,600+ entries include a full bibliographical description, with detailed information about publisher, date of publication, paging, ISBN, and Library of Congress control number, plus notes regarding sequels and publication history. Entries include a helpful and informative descriptive abstract, and excerpts from review sources including Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus, and Publishers Weekly. STARRED ENTRIESEssential titles, our highest recommendation level, are easily identified witha starred listing throughout the text. The stars are included in the index too, so readers can easily identify the most highly recommended titles by author, series, or by subject area.IN-DEPTH INDEXINGAuthor, Title Series, & Subject Index. Works are indexed by title, and by the 21st Edition name of the author. Plus, this index also organizes titles by subject, genre, AUGUST 2022 form, and literary technique. Whether youre looking for Adventure, Allegories, One Volume; 1,300 pages or Ambition, the thousands of subject and genre headings simplifies locating ISBN: 978-1-63700-061-8 specific titles. This access is one of the Collections most important features and List Price: $295 is especially valued by readers advisors. New to this edition is the inclusion of Series data in the index.It has been two years since the last edition, so this new edition is a must-have source for collection development for fiction collections of all sizes. Thousands of titles have been added to this new editionany library owning the previous Simply stated, this edition will want to update to get access to these new titles.newest edition of the Given the high demand for new fiction titles in libraries, this volume helpsFiction Core Collection filter through the thousands of titles published each year, so that librarianscan be assured that they are selecting the best for their patrons. The Fiction is an indispensable Core Collection is an essential resource for library and media specialists,and invaluable additionand an excellent, handy tool for collection development and readers advisory to all library reference services. No library should be without the helpful guidance that Core Collections collections. can provide.Midwest Book Review4 H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com'