b'H.W. Wilson &Grey House PublishingFrom its foundation in 1898, H.W. Wilson has dedicated itself to providing librarians and their patrons with the best possible library experience. H.W. Wilson products have become familiar to generations of librarians and library patrons as standard tools in college, public, school, and special libraries around the world.Now, H.W. Wilson print reference is published and distributed by Grey House Publishing. With new editorial content provided by both EBSCO Information Services and Grey House Publishing, these print reference tools continue to provide the same high standard of content in the print format many librarians still prefer. The combination of both Grey House Publishing and EBSCO resources continues to provide librarians with the content delivery options and choices professional librarians want today.NEWNewFamous First Facts Edition!About the Environment CONTENTUsing the popular Famous First Facts style, this new second edition adds a significant number of environmental firsts since the first FOR 2024 edition was published over 20 years ago, to bring coverage into the twenty-first century.It is the most comprehensive volume of global environmental firsts available.Page: 17New Editions of Our Most Popular Core Collections Fiction Core CollectionMiddle & Junior High Twenty-Second EditionCore Collection Sixteenth Edition CollectiboynLDibevraelroipamnse nfotr R Leicbormarmiaennds ations,CollectiboynLDibevrealroipamnse nfotr R Leicbormarmiaennds ations, Grey House is proud to announce new editions in H.W. Wilsons flagship Core Collection series:Fiction Core CollectionPublic Library Core Collection: NonfictionChildrens Core CollectionMiddle & Junior HighCore CollectionSenior High Core CollectionYoung Adult Fiction Core CollectionGraphic Novels Core Collection Pages: 2-10Current Biography Sears ListYoull want to renew yourof Subject Headings subscription to CurrentMake sure youBiography Magazine andupdate your edition Current Biography Yearbookof Sears List ofto ensure your collection hasSubject Headings. updated information on theYoull get one yearimportant individuals who are inIncludes of free onlinethe news and on the minds ofFree OnlineAccess! access, too!students and researchers today. Page: 11Pages: 24-25H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com'