b'SALEMMagills Literary Annual PRESSMagills Literary AnnualMagills is a valuable, easy-to-use reference for any librarian, literature teacher, or avid readeramong us.ARBATaken as a full run (available online with purchase of the print), readers will find a continual threadof not only what was important each year, but an historical appreciation of why each title has been included. ARBAPatrons who say theyve read everything willbe an especially appreciative audience for theannotated contents list, which offers quick ideas for new reads.ARBAFor over 40 years, Magills Literary Annual, published by Salem Press, consistently and exclusively covers recent works of fictionand nonfiction across subjects, genres, and countries. Each year, Magills Literary Annual critically evaluates 150 major examples of serious literature, both fiction and nonfiction, published during the previous calendar year.SelectionThe philosophy behind our selection process is to cover works that are likely to be of interest to general readers, that represent the major literary genres, that reflect publishing trends, that are written by authors being taught in literature programs, and that will stand the test of time. By filtering the thousands of books published every year down to 150 notable titles, the editors have provided the busy librarian with an excellent readers advisory tool and patrons with fodder for book discussion groups and a guide for choosing worthwhile reading material. Organization & FormatThe reviews in the two-volume Magills Literary Annual are arranged alphabetically by title. At the beginning of both volumes is a complete alphabetical list, by category, of all covered books that provides readers with the title, author, and a brief description of each work. The Essay-ReviewsEvery essay-review is approximately four pages in length. The text of each independently-written review analyzes and presents the focus, intent, and relative success of the author, as well as the makeup and point of view of the work under discussion. The essay-reviews in the Annual provide a more academic, authoritative review of a work than is typically found in newspapers and other ephemeral sources.2024 EDITION 2023 EDITIONApril 2024 | Two Volumes; 700 Pages April 2023 | Two Volumes; 700 PagesPrint ISBN: 978-1-63700-806-5 Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-475-3Library Price: $210 Library Price: $21016 H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com'