b'Famous First Facts About Famous First Facts About the Environmentthe Environment Second EditionFamous First Facts About the Environment provides readers with a record of important and interesting environmental firsts and presents them in a global perspective.These entries are designed to encourage further research and discovery, so they can deepen their understanding of issues related to the environment.Using the popular Famous First Facts style, this new second edition adds a significant number of environmental firsts since the first edition was published over 20 years ago, to bring coverage into the twenty-first century.It is the most comprehensive volume of global environmental firsts available.The entries in Famous First Facts About the Environment demonstrate that the environment has always been a topic of concern for people around the world.Climate change, renewable resources, electric vehicles, and naturalNew!resources are front and center on the minds of todays global citizen, so the need for environmental facts is great. The goal of Famous First Facts About the Environment is to cover not only theSecond Editionobvious environmental firsts, but to also include entries on topics not found inAUGUST 2023other environmental reference works.The diversity of subjects covered in thisOne Volume; 600 pagesvolume include: ISBN: 978-1-63700-514-9List Price: $195 Activist MovementsLand Use & Development Agriculture & HorticultureMines & Mining Air PollutionNatural Resources Automotive IndustryNuclear Power BiodiversityOceans & Oceanography BirdsOil & Petroleum Industry BotanyPopulation Growth Climate & WeatherSoil Resources Print Purchase Includes Coal & Natural GasSolar Energy FREE ONLINE ACCESS Droughts & Water ShortagesSolid Waste Education & ResearchStorms The variety of environmentalExtinct & Endangered SpeciesWater Pollution Fish & FishingWater Power issues covered and theForests & TreesWater Supply chronological presentationHazardous WasteWildlife complement other environmentalHunting & TrappingWind Power resources. This comprehensive,International Law detail-oriented, and accessible compilation is a timesaving Famous First Facts About the Environment includes more than 4,500 entries,and valuable reference tool for organized by main subject heading and helpful subheadings.Within eachenvironmental researchers. category or subcategory, entries are arranged chronologically. Academic and public libraries alike will find this a worthwhile Five indexes help the readers find specific entries with ease: Subject Index, Index by Year, Index by Month and Day, Personal Name Index, andpurchase for their science reference Geographical Index. collections. BooklistLibrarians will appreciate the Famous First Facts About the Environment traces humanitys increasingtremendous effort required concern about the welfare of the environment and chronicles the crucial events in the history of the planet from ancient times to the present. to compile all this data in one convenient and easy-to-use resource. This unique workshould be purchased by anysize library that needs anaccount of environmentalfirsts. Library JournalH.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com 19'