b'Childrens Core Core CollectionsCollection Twenty-Sixth EditionChildrens Core Collection (26th Edition, 2023) is a comprehensive guide to 12,000recommended books for children from preschool through grade six. In this information -packed volume, users will find bibliographic data, content descriptions and reviewsof essential and recommended titles, including Picture Books & Easy Readers, StoryCollections, Fiction Books, Nonfiction Books, Biographies, and Graphic Novels.Childrens Core Collection serves a wide variety of uses for the busy childrens librarian: Purchasing & Title SelectionUser Service & Readers Advisory Curriculum SupportCollection Development & Maintenance Professional DevelopmentEXPANDED COVERAGEFeatured metadata in this edition includes precise genres and sub-genres, and Newexpanded subject headings. Books are easy to find through the index, and the Edition! metadata associated with each record offers consistent insight into the contents 26th Edition of the book. This edition also includes more resources for teachers and other AUGUST 2023 educators, including books capturing best practices for teaching literacy or managing One Volume; 3,000 pages a classroom.ISBN: 978-1-63700-509-5List Price: $240 BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA, PLUS CONTENT DESCRIPTIONS & REVIEWSIndividual entries provide a wealth of much-needed information at a glance.Complete Bibliographic & Cataloging DataThis resource is indispensable ISBN and Publisher Data make purchasing titles quick and easyfor librarians and school media Suggested Subject Headings, Grade Level & Dewey Classificationspecialists involved with collection Content Descriptions & Quotations from select review sources are incrediblydevelopment and user advisoryuseful when evaluating books to add to your collection and for readers advisory Additional data on sequels, awards, and publication historyservices. CHOICEEssential titles, our highest recommendation level in a subject area, are easilyidentified with a starred listing throughout the text. Stars are also included inSelection of books forthe index to make finding Essential titles by subject or author easier than ever.libraries serving K-12 studentsEASY-TO-USE ARRANGEMENTis (unfortunately) a contested Nonfiction books includes over 5,600 nonfiction titles, arranged by Deweyprocess in America. The editorsDecimal Classification.All subjects are covered, including Animals, Art,Computers, Health, History, Humor, Science, Sports, Technology, and moregoal is stated clearly in the preface Easy books, arranged by author, offers over 3,000 recommended picture booksto Childrens Core Collection: toof interest to children from preschool to grade threeemphasize equity, diversity, Biographies. Arranged by subject, this section suggests 500 biographies onand inclusion, representing andpersons of interest to children in elementary schoolreflecting a varied community Fiction, arranged by author, recommends 1,900 of the best fiction for childrenin which many voices can beIN-DEPTH INDEXINGheard. It is a sign of the times,A highly detailed Author, Title, Series, and Subject Index provides easy navigation through the hundreds of subject areas, thousands of authors and titles, and that editors and authors makingnumerous series in this informative resource. Whether searching by author, title, book recommendations areseries, or one of the hundreds of subject areas found in the index, librarians can adding political and social justiceeasily locate titles that will round out their collection.elements to deliberations aboutThe Childrens Core Collection is an essential resource for library and media quality and the appropriatespecialists looking to enhance their collection with the most important and highly audience for a book.ATGrecommended titles currently available. Any childrens librarian will benefit from Reviewer Rating: I need this in having this amazing collection of recommended titles at the ready to help buildmy library.Against the Grain and strengthen their collection.8 H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com'