b'CORE COLLECTIONSCore Collections NewMiddle & Junior High Edition! Core Collection Sixteenth Edition Senior HighCollectiboynLDibevraelroipamnse nfot rR Leicbormarmiaennds ations,Created by Librarians, for LibrariansCore CollectionNew Twenty-Fourth EditionEdition! For over 60 years, H.W. Wilsons Core Collections have been a librariansmust-have collection development guide to the best fiction and nonfiction works for all types of libraries. Each Core Collection is designed to provide collection development guidance and readers advisory support to public libraries, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.Every entry has been carefully selected by experienced librarians from public CollectiboynLDibevraelroipamnse nfotr R Leicbormarmiaennsd ations,Fictionlibrary systems, school libraries, and academic libraries across the United States. NewCore CollectionThese specialists represent diverse backgrounds in librarianship and possess Edition! Twenty-Second Editiona wealth of experience on national juries and American Library Association committees. There is nothing quite like H.W. Wilsons Core Collections.The accumulated expertise of our selectors and the unquestioned reputationmake these collections invaluable. Collection Development, Readers Advisory Collection Development Recommendations,New& Curriculum Supportby Librarians for LibrariansEdition! Not only do the Core Collections serve as aids in the selection and ordering of titles, but also in curriculum support, collection maintenance, and professional development. H.W. Wilsons Core Collections are essential resources for library and media specialists looking to enhance and enrich their collection with the most important and highly recommended titles currently available.In-Depth IndexingNewGraphic Novels Edition! Core CollectionEach volume contains indexing by author to make locating titles by author orFifth Editionpseudonym quick and easy, along with highly detailed title, series, and subject indexing that allows users to select titles by subject area or locate works by title.Strong Support for Any Challenged PurchaseWilsons Core Collections are universally recognized as impartial and expert aids to collection development that assist and reinforce the judgment of librarians CollectiboynLDibevraelroipamnse nfotr R Leicbormarmiaennds ations, Neweverywhere. Inclusion in a Core Collection is strong support for any challenged Edition!purchase.2 H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com'