b'Current Biography Current BiographyYearbook 2023 & 2024 EditionsA compilation of 200 up-to-date, contemporary profiles of accomplished and rising stars of politics, industry, entertainment, and the arts from the2022 2023United States and around the world.H.W. Wilsons Current Biography Yearbook combines a full year of the monthly magazine into a single, permanent edition. Since 1940, Current Biography has delivered up-to-date biographies of men and women of contemporary importance and is renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection, and the wide scope of influence of its subjects.Current Biography Yearbook offers ongoing access to the important personalities of today: Includes the days most talked-about and influential people www.hwwilsoninprint.comH. W. WilsonPublished & Distributed by A remarkably wide range of professions H.W. WILSONNewGrey House Publishing Obituaries, where appropriate, of figures profiled in previous yearbooks Editions! A complete listing of all those profiled in the current yearProfiles are approximately 2,500 words and include biographical statistics and a bibliography for easy access to additional information. Photographs accompany many of the entries. 2023 EditionDECEMBER 2023VARIETY One Volume; 750 pagesHeres a sample of the wide variety of notable figures featured in the 2023ISBN: 978-1-63700-515-6Yearbook: activist and politician Maxwell Frost, actor and playwright Tim BlakeList Price: $199Nelson, actor Zoe Saldaa, animator and director Domee Shi, astronaut Mariam Fardous, astrophysicist Sarafina Nance, baritone singer John Brancy, basketballUpcoming Edition:coach Tara VanDerveer, biophysicist Ibrahim Ciss, businessperson and2024 Editionphilanthropist Wendy Schmidt, chef and forager Sean Sherman, chemist DannaDECEMBER 2024Freedman, chess grandmaster Alireza Firouzja, circus performer and animal trainerOne Volume; 750 pagesMartin Lacey Jr., comedian Ali Wong, computer scientist Yejin Choi, cyclist EganISBN: 978-1-63700-711-2Bernal, fashion designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, football player Jalen Hurts, glaciologistList Price: $199Jason Box, government official and political organizer Karine Jean-Pierre, hockey player Nazem Kadri, ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis, jazz singer Samara Joy, librarian and advocate Tracie D. Hall, meteorologist Ken Graham, naval officerCurrent Biography Amy Bauernschmidt, paralympic athlete Daniel Romanchuk, politician Mallory McMorrow, powerlifter Farhanna Farid, reggae artist Chronixx, rock climber AdamCumulated Index,Ondra, sherpa guide Kami Rita, singer-songwriter and producer Bad Bunny, space1940-2021scientist Moriba Jah, stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia, stock car racing driver Daniel Surez, theoretical physicist Sabrina Pasterski among many others. The Current SOURCES Biography Current Biography Cumulated Index 19402017 CUMULATED INDEXAn invaluable source for researchers, teachers, students, and librarians, CurrentCumulated Index 1940-2021Biography Yearbook draws information from newspaper and magazine articles,makes it easy tobooks, the internet, observations of journalists and associates, and occasionallyfind biographies of personal interviews or questionnaires completed by the subjects. This resourceindividuals profiled presents biographical information in a lively style that makes for entertaining as wellfrom the first edition as informative reading. published in 1940. SUBSCRIBE With both a NameCurrent Biography Yearbook is available in one-, two-, and three-yearIndex and an Index by Profession, subscriptions: this time-saving tool will quickly directOne Year: $199/year researchers to the Yearbook in which Two Years: $175/year (Save $48) the biography appears. A must-haveThree Years: $160/year (Save $117) source for all subscribers to Current Biography!JANUARY 2022One Volume; 1,100 pagesISBN: 978-1-64265-807-1List Price: $199Make Sure Your Current Biography Collection is Complete!Backlist volumes are available for purchase going back to 2000!H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com 27'