b'Speeches of theSpeeches of the American PresidentsFamous First Facts About PoliticsAmerican PresidentsThird EditionThis sourcebook will make a welcome additionto any research library. American presidency buffs will also find this volume attractive.American Reference Books AnnualThis third edition of Speeches of the American Presidents includes over 220 of the most important speeches by the first 45 presidents of the United States, from George Washington to Donald J. Trump. An important reference tool for historians and students alike, this resource provides a useful way to study the institution of the presidency and the management styles of the individual presidents through the words of the chief executives themselves.Speeches of the American Presidents has two primary goals: first, to demonstrate the development of speechmaking as a political instrument for American presidents since the founding of the republic; and second, to give Third Edition readers the sense of a presidents character as they address issues of vital APRIL 2018 importance to the nation. One Volume; 1,100 pages In-depth essays introduce each chapter and speech to reflect upon the ISBN: 978-1-68217-882-9 presidents speech-making abilities and techniques while placing each List Price: $195 speech in its historical context. A detailed subject index makes it easy Print Purchaseto carry out research and find information about specific speeches and Includes presidents throughout the book.FREE ONLINE ACCESS Famous First Facts About American PoliticsSecond EditionHighly recommended for political writers, columnists, debaters. a strongly recommended, core title for academic and public library American political science reference collections. Midwest Book ReviewFamous First Facts About American Politics covers the memorable elections, public figures, political parties, legislation, and administrations that have contributed to the rich history of the United States. This is an essential resource for historians, students, scholars, librarians, and teachers who need comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible information about American politics.Famous First Facts About American Politics contains more than 4,000 famous firsts in American politics. Entries are arranged by broad subject categories and subcategories. Within each category or subcategory, entries are arranged chronologically.Categories include the American Revolution, Cities & Counties, Civil War & Confederacy, Congress, Equality, Finance, International Relations, Military, Second Edition Native Americans, Political Movements, Political Parties, Population, JULY 2017 Presidential Elections, Presidents, Slavery, Supreme Court, Taxation, One Volume; 800 pages and Women in Politics. Four indexesby subject, year, personal name, ISBN: 978-1-68217-466-1 and geographical locationmake it easy to access information, carry out List Price: $195 research, and find answers to specific questions. Our goal has been to Print Purchaseafford readers a new way of understanding the rich history of elections, Includes parties, and governments in the United States. For historians, students, FREE ONLINEscholars, librarians, and teachers, this is a comprehensive information ACCESS source and the perfect first stop for political research.20 H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com'