b'NobelNobel Prize WinnersPrize WinnersThis outstanding series presents detailed accounts of the lives and work of the more than 900 men, women, and institutions that earned the Nobel Prize from its inception in 1901.A usable and valuable biographical dictionary deserving of a place in every reference collection.American Reference Books AnnualArranged alphabetically by last name, each informative 1,200- to2,500-word essay provides abundant information on the Laureateslife and achievements, with special emphasis on the body of work for which the prize was awarded. EACH ARTICLE INCLUDES: Information on the subjects early development, family background,education, and other formative influences Nobel Prize Winners, 2002-2018 Supplement An account of the work for which the Prize was awarded JANUARY 2019; 600 pages Critical assessment of the Laureates contribution to his or her field ISBN: 978-1-68217-878-2 A photograph of the Laureate List Price: $175 A bibliography citing works by and about the LaureateRESEARCH FEATURES Print Purchase Finding information on the Nobel Laureates has never been easier. Trace the development of related achievements through cross- Includesreferencing of Laureates mentioned in profiles other than their own FREE ONLINEConsult complete lists of Laureates organized by category and year ACCESS Find Laureates by country of residencelists also note nation of birth Select bibliographies of books and articles help you easily findadditional reading by and about each Laureate The entire Nobel Prize Winners series INFORMATION ON THE HISTORY OF THE PRIZE, FOUNDER,is available as a set and individual AND SELECTION PROCESS volumes may be purchased as well. Nobel Prize Winners includes information on how the Nobel Prize wasAll volumes now include established, the history of the Nobel Prize and Nobel institutions, and free online access!the processes by which Laureates are selected and prizes awarded.Youll also find an enlightening biography of Alfred Nobel who establishedNobel Prize Winners Foundation the prize. Volume 1901-1986ISBN: 978-0-8242-0756-4FOUNDATION VOLUME LAUREATES List Price: $175The foundation volume in the Nobel Prize Winners series presents detailed Nobel Prize Winners, 1987-1991accounts of the lives and work of 566 men, women, and institutions ISBN: 978-0-8242-0834-9that earned the Nobel Prize from its inception in 1901 through 1986.List Price: $80Additional volumes feature Nobel Prize winners from 1987-1991, Nobel Prize Winners, 1992-19961992-1996, 1997-2001, and the latest volume covering 2002-2018.ISBN: 978-0-8242-0906-3All volumes come with free online access. List Price: $80Nobel Prize Winners, 1997-2001ISBN: 978-0-8242-1018-2 List Price: $85Nobel Prize Winners, 2002-2018JANUARY 2019; 600 pagesISBN: 978-1-68217-878-2 List Price: $1755-Volume SetList Price: $549Includes Free Online AccessH.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com 25'