b'Facts AboutFacts About the Presidentsthe PresidentsNinth EditionThe authoritative source for information about the lives,backgrounds, and terms of office of every American president,from George Washington to Joseph R. Biden.Remains a standard of excellence for readerswho never tire of learning things about American presidents and for researchers who want a well-organized and up-to-date source on the topic.Library JournalH.W. Wilsons acclaimed Facts About the Presidents continues with its much-anticipated ninth edition. Written for both general readers and researchers, this volume will be one of the most widely consulted works in your reference collection. Ninth EditionThe ninth edition of Facts About the Presidents delivers comprehensive dataJANUARY 2022about every American president, from George Washington to Joseph R.One Volume; 850 pagesBiden, plus facts about the Executive Office itself. ISBN: 978-1-64265-895-8List Price: $195This volume provides a complete and compelling portrait of the nations highest office and the men and women who have held or sought it over the years. Last published in 2009, this edition includes extensive and authoritative facts about both terms of President Barack Obama, the one term of President Donald J. Trump, and the inauguration and early White House tenure of Joseph R. Biden.Part I presents a chapter for each president in chronological sequence, featuring data on the presidents background, life, and administration. HerePrint Purchase Includesyoull find uniformly arranged data on birth, family, education, nominationFREE ONLINE ACCESSand election, congressional sessions, cabinet and Supreme Court appointments, vice presidents, first ladies, and moreplus highlights of both personal and political nature. Bibliographies guide readers to additionalThis is a quintessentialinformation on each president. reference book on those whohave held the office of United Part II presents over 200 pages of fascinating statistics in a collectiveStates Presidents. Its madearrangement so that a reader can compare presidents on the basis of suchup of concise notes andmatters as early career, previous political career, type of education, militarystatements, as well asexperience, family background, religious affiliation, age at death, literarychronologies and browsableoutput, and other factors. lists. ATG Reviewer Rating:I need this in my library. Part II also delivers important facts about the office of the presidency,Against the Grainincluding salaries and pensions, cabinet officers, party alignments of the Congresses, presidential vetoes, electoral and popular votes in every election since 1789, third-party electoral votes, presidential succession, and the many other facets of the job. The volume also features a handy name/subject index to make it easy to pinpoint exactly the information you need.H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com 21'