b'Fiction CorePublic Library CoreCore CollectionsCollection Twenty-First Edition Collection: NonfictionEighteenth EditionDesigned for acquisitions or collection development librarians in public and academic libraries, Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction (18th Edition, 2021) is a reliable guide to building and maintaining a well-rounded collectionof essential and recommended nonfiction books for adults. The Core Collection is intended to serve the needs of public and undergraduate libraries and stand as a basic or opening day collection. The newer titles help in identifying areas that can be updated or strengthened. Retention of useful material from the previous edition enables the librarian to make informed decisions about weeding a collection. EASY-TO-USE ARRANGEMENT New Arranged for ease-of-use by Dewey Decimal Classification, this helpful guideEdition!provides immediate access to over 14,000 essential and recommended nonfiction titles. All areas of nonfiction are covered.Science, Technology &Health & MedicineComputer SciencePolitical Science, Economics & Law 18th Edition Religion & PhilosophyHistory, Travel & Biography MARCH 2021 Arts & ArchitectureLiterature & Language One Volume; 2,500 pagesISBN: 978-1-64265-646-6CREATED FOR LIBRARIANS, BY LIBRARIANS List Price: $420Books included in this edition were selected by experienced librarians representing public library systems and academic libraries across the United States. With their helpful guidance, librarians nationwide rely on Core Collections for: Collection DevelopmentTitle Selection & Purchasing This large and vitalWeeding their CollectionReaders Advisory Curriculum SupportLibrarian Instruction reference is a mustfor both public andINFORMATION-PACKED ENTRIES academic libraries. In these pages, librarians can collect much-needed data on over 14,000 recommended titles. Entries include: American Reference Books Annual Complete Bibliographic & Cataloging Information ISBN & Publisher to aid in purchasing Subject Headings and Dewey Classification 004.1004.67 PUBLIC LIBRARY CORE COLLECTION: NONFICTIONFIFTEENTH EdITION Content Descriptions and Excerpts from Reviews provide helpful information 004.67Wide-area networks United States Biography6.Entrepreneurship when evaluating books for selection and determining which of several books United States Biography7.Nanjing hang kong hang tian da xue Biography 8. Political refugees UnitedBoyd, Danahon the same subject is best suited for the individual reader 9.Women computer scientistsItscomplicated;the social lives of networked States Biography United States Biography10.China History teens.Danah Boyd.Yale University Press2014296Additional notes highlight sequels and companion volumes, editions Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976 Personal narratives p. (clothbound : alk. paper)$25 004.67available, awards, and publication history, plus information on 1.Teenagers2.Internet and teenagers3.Online social ISBN 1591845521;9781591845522LC 2012035389networks4.Information technology Social aspects electronic editions This book, by Ping Fu with MeiMei Fox, is the autobiog- 5. Teenagers Social life and customs 21st centuryraphy of a Chinese immigrant. Born on the eve of ChinasEssential titles, our highest recommendation level, within subject areas ISBN 0300166311;9780300166316Cultural Revolution, Ping . . . grew up fighting hunger . . . LC 2013031950are easily identified with a starred listing and shielding her younger sister from the teenagers in MaosAuthor Danah Boyd uncovers some of the major myths Red Guard. At twenty-five, she found her way to the Unitedregarding teens use of social media. She explores tropes States. This book depicts a journey from . . . the dogmat- about identity, privacy, safety, danger, and bullying. Ulti-ic anticapitalism of Maos China to the high-stakes, take-IN-DEPTH INDEXING no-prisoners world of technology start-ups in the Unitedmately, Boyd argues that society fails young people when paternalism and protectionism hinder teenagers ability to States. (Publishers note)A highly detailed Author, Title, and Subject Index provides easy navigationbecome informed, thoughtful, and engaged citizens through their online interactions. Yet despite an environment of through the hundreds of subject areas and thousands of authors and titles in thisrampant fear-mongering, Boyd finds that teens often find 004.1General works on specific types ofways to engage and to develop a sense of identity. (Pub-informative resource.computers lishers note)This groundbreaking survey of the online social habits Johnson, George and realities of American teens, based on extensive field-The Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction is an essential resource forwork, also serves as an important corrective to numerous Ashortcut through time; the path to a quantum computer.Knopf2003204pilhardcover o.p.papersistent, widely held notions about young people, public library and media specialists looking to enhance and enrich their collection withlife, and the Internet.Boyd discusses bullying, media lit-$13 004.1the most important and highly recommended titles currently available. eracy, and social inequality; debunks the pervasiveness of 1.Computers2.Quantum theory online predation; addresses problematic assumptions be-ISBN 0-375-41193-3;0-375-72618-7pa hind the term digital native; defends Wikipedia as a great LC 2002-73013 educational tool that makes transparent the evolution of The author communicates some of the propositions of- knowledge; and astutely points out that the technology may fered by theorists about the virtually unlimited computingbe new, but teens, as always, simply want to socialize, be power that may follow certain practical triumphs that are notknown, spend time with friends, and participate in public quite in sight. N YTimes Book Revlife. Exciting, challenging, and liberating; this title is es-Johnson has presented the fascinating science of quan- sential reading for adults with any interest in or control over tum computing and its future development in a down-to- teens. (Library Journal)earth style. Libr J Includes bibliographical references and indexIncludes bibliographical referencesLessig, Lawrence69www Thefuture of ideas;the fate of the commons H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson 844.630.63 004.16Personal computers .hwwilsoninprint.com 2001352p5in a connected world.Random House Mueller, Scott hardcover o.p.pa$15 004.67 Upgrading and repairing PCs; by Scott Muel- 1.Internet2.Copyright3.Information societyler.14th ed.QUE2013xix, 1605 p.pill.(hard- ISBN 0-375-72644-6paLC 2001-31968cover)$59.99 004.16 The author argues that as the Internet faces the chal-1.Microcomputers Upgrading2.Microcomputerslenges of intellectual property laws, it should not become so Maintenance and repair controlled that it discourages innovation and creativity in the ISBN 0789750007;9780789750006 digital world. Libr J LC 2001099514 Some of Lessigs sweeping proposals are sure to spark This book is the 21st edition of Scott Muellers guidea lively debate, but his well-reasoned, clearly written argu-to personal computer hardware. It offers information onment is powerful. Publ Wklytroubleshooting and fixing problems, adding hardware, op-timizing performance, and building new PCs. There is alsoMoreno, Megancoverage of the newest hardware innovations and mainte- Sex, drugs n Facebook;a parents toolkit for nance techniques as of 2013. (Publishers note) promoting healthy Internet use.by Megan A. More-no.Hunter House Inc.2013268 p.(trade paper) $17.95 004.671.Social media2.Internet and teenagers3.Parenting 4.Online etiquetteISBN 0897936590;9780897936590;9780897936606LC 20120485334'