b'Reference ShelfReference Shelf Titles 2020An Annual Subscription includes FREE ONLINE ACCESS!Hate Crimes TheThis issue focuses on the recent increase in hate crimes in the United States, recentReference Shelf Exploring Contemporary Issues withmass shootings, the role of the president and the government in preventing hateSelected Primary & Secondary Sources crime, and recent outreach programs to schools and educators by the FBI andH ATEC RIMESother organizations in the wake of rising hate crime incidents in our schools. It also discusses hate crime law, hate crime vs. hate speech, and the increase in hate-based international violence, which raises the issue of human-rights violations. FEBRUARY 2020 One Volume; 200 Pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-600-8 List Price: $75 Propaganda and Misinformation TheReference Shelf Social media posts inciting violence, misinformation campaigns, for-profit fake newsExploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources headlines, and well-meaning but gullible individuals promoting conspiracies point out theP ROPAGANDA& problems with our current media environment. Looking at such issues as Russian electionM ISINFORMATIONinterference, the polarization of media consumption, hacktivism, and the future role AI could play in making fake news more difficult to detect, this issue explores the pollution of our information environment and what we can do about it. APRIL 2020 One Volume; 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-601-5 List Price: $75 National Debate Topic, 2020-2021: Criminal Justice ReformThis issue focuses on the National Forensics Leagues (NFL) 2020-2021 Policy Debate, Criminal Justice Reform. Topics discussed include sentencing issues mandatory minimums, truth in sentencing laws, and racial disparities; policing reform, including the role of police vs. social workers as well as police brutality; reducing overcriminalization, particularly of drug possession; mass incarceration; a focus on rehabilitation vs. punishment in prisons; and juvenile justice reform.TheJUNE 2020 One Volume; 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-602-2 List Price: $75Reference Shelf Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources Internet Law I NTERNETL AWThis issue explores data privacy, freedom of expression, intellectual property, e-commerce, and contract law. Free and open source software licensing raises questions regarding developers liability and trade secrets. Recent advances in surveillance and in computerized voting technology have also raised many legal issues. The jurisdiction of cyberlawshould the Internet be treated as a physical space?is yet another layer. Issues of net neutrality are also considered.TheReference Shelf AUGUST 2020 One Volume; 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-603-9 List Price: $75Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources P OLLUTIONPollutionIslands of plastic waste, chemicals from everyday products and prescription drugs, and farm animal waste are all contributing to the destruction of our environment and climate change. Such topics, and the difficulty of solving them, are discussed in this issue. Additional chapters cover how to combat climate change, reduce sea pollution, and enforce environmental protection laws.Quality products from 92.06 H.W.WilsonGREY HOUSE PUBLISHINGSalem Press and H. W. WilsonCurrent Biography Yearbook Representative American Speeches 20192020H. W. Wilsons Current Biography Yearbookver v is a full year ofolume. Current Bio contemporary Biography magazine in a single hardcoraphies ofthe monthly graphy has been Current OCTOBER 2020 One Volume; 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-604-6 List Price: $75men and women of Exploring Contemporary Issues withdelivering up-to-date biogimportance since 1940 and is renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightfulis an selection, and wide scope ofinvaluable source for researc influence ofhers, teachers its subjects, students, and librarians. The Yearbook. Selected Primary & Secondary SourcesSenior High Core CollectionsCore Collection There is nothing quite like Wilson Core Collections. T these collections makhe accumulated expere tiseR epResentativea meRicans peechesputation ofTwenty-Second Edition of our selectors, and the unquestioned reelopment and maintenance. Core Collections include20192020them valuable tools for collection dev , readers Representative American Speeches, 2019-2020 advisory, and support for specific curriculumscomplete bibliographic data, subject headings, annotations, grade levels, Dewey classifications, and quotations from select reviews. Core Collection titles include Senior High, Middle & JCollection Development Recommendations, Library Nonfiction, Graphic Nounior High, Childrenvels and Young Adult Fiction.s, Fiction, and Public by Librarians for Librarians Defining Documents in World History:Pandemics, Plagues & Public HealthPlagues and pandemics are a part of global history, from the biblical plague kSelected from a diverse field of speakers and venues, this issue offers some of the most of locusts, to todays COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with unchec lifeed diseases , but it and disasters has given rise to great human suffering and loss of. Advances in public has also played a significant role in shaping our societiests have often been inspired health, medicine h, and evby or required of, scientific researc those who hak Death, smallpove surx, the plaguevived. Ten the arhis tw, malaria, typhoid, polioo-volume set includes , engaging American speeches of the year. Distinguished by its diversity, covering areas content on the BlacSARS, AIDS, COVID-19, and others.For more informationvisit www.hwwilsoninprint.com and www.salempress.comin politics, education, popular culture, as well as trending topics in the news, these call (800) 221-1592speeches provide an interesting format to explore some of the years most important VIEW THIS BOOKONLINEhttps://online.salempress.comstories. 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