b'Collection Development & Readers AdvisoryCORE COLLECTIONS Created by Librarians, for LibrariansCore CollectionsI dont know how librarians can do collection management without H.W. Wilsons Core Collections.I routinely purchase the newest editions ofPublic Library Core Collection: Nonfiction, Fiction Core Collection Childrensand . I plan to give my old copies to a library that doesnt have Core Collectionone.its that necessary. K.B., Librarian, McLean County, ILThousands of Recommended Titles for Your Specific CollectionEach volume highlights thousands of essential and highly recommended books for each type of collection. Whether youre collecting for a public library, a high school, a middle school, or an elementary school, Core Collections gives you immediate access to the best titles you and your patrons wont want to misseasy-to-locate starred entries throughout the text highlight essential works in a given category or subject area. The careful selection in eachCore Collection makes it easy to locate the best-of-the-best titles to consider adding to your collection, or to findtitles that can be weeded out.CLASSIFIED COLLECTION352.230973 355.4For Public Libraries For School LibrariesTWENTY-SECOND EDITION Fiction Core Collection Young, Nancy BeckSenior High Core Collection 355.0092Grades 9 10 11 12 Adult Encyclopediaof the U.S. presidency :a historical referenceISBN 9780756667368 Public Library Core Collection: NonfictionMiddle & Junior High Core Collection1. Command of troops History 2. Generals 3. Military biography /edited by Nancy Beck Young.Facts On File,c2013.6 vols. :Young Adult Fiction Core CollectionChildrens Core Collection4. Military history 5. Biographies Grades 11 12 Adult352.230973 LC bl2010022583 Graphic Novels Core Collection Graphic Novels Core Collection Childrens Core Collection ISBN 9780816067442 Includes index.1. Presidents 2. Presidents History 3. United States Politics andAn overview of historic battle leaders provides the strengths and government Encyclopedias, Juvenile LC 2010020746 weaknessesofeachcommander,fromJuliusCaesartoNapoleon Walk Through Your Shelves with Core Collections in Hand as well as great Asian, Native American, and - and Horatio Nelson, African leaders.Core Collections makes it easy to identify titles to add to your collection and those that are candidates to be weeded ministrations, and every major event, law, incident, and action that took out. Since the organization of each Core Collection mirrors the organization of your library shelves (Fiction sections attractive, concise presentation. The text opens with a detailed table of are organized by Author and Nonfiction by Dewey Classification), many of our librarians walk their shelves with their or type of warrior or soldier. Each era is introduced and followed by Core Collection in hand, so they can quickly and easily highlight titles in the text that they dont have, or pull titles not 353.9970973 Food Product safety Public administration-included in Core Collections that are candidates for weeding. United States name in a tinted bar followed by his or her title, birth and death dates, STARRED ENTRIES Jarrow, Gail PUBLISHER & ISBN MAKE INDICATE THE ESSENTIALThepoison ORDERING TITLES QUICKTITLES IN A SUBJECT AREA and drugs /Gail Jarrow.Calkins Creek,2019157 p. : & EASY 355.02 War and warfareGrades 5 6 7 8 9 10353.9970973ISBN 9781629794389 Sun-tzu, 6th century BCAWARDS & PRIZES 1. Wiley, Harvey Washington, 1844-1930 2. United States. Food andCOMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHIC Theillustrated -Drug Administration 3. Food contamination 4. Food industry andINFORMATION, INCLUDING trade 5. Food safety 6. Consumer protectionSUBJECT HEADINGS, 2005.272 p. :CONTENT DESCRIPTION LC 2019936023 GRADE LEVEL, & DEWEY Grades 11 12 Adult355.02CLASSIFICATIONNCTE Orbis Pictus Honor Book, 2020. ISBN 9780195189995Documents the achievements of government chemist Harvey Wash- 1. Military art and science Early works to 1800 2. Leadership 3. Core Collections have ington Wiley, revealing how his hard work and determination created theMilitary tactics LC 2005010651FDA and rendered foods safer from contamination by dangerous toxinsbeen the trusted source that were commonly used a century ago. striking illustrated edition of the classic, two-thousand-year-old work on Revolting and riveting in turns, Jarrows masterfully crafted nar- for thoughtful collection combat, military strategy, and leadership.REVIEWS FROM POPULARrative will fundamentally alter how readers view their food. Kirkus. developmentLIBRARY SOURCES guidance for355.4 Military operations355 Military science over 60 years!Roach, Mary Springer, Paul JGrunt:the curious science of humans at war /MaryEncyclopediaof cyber warfare /Paul J. Springer, editor.Roach.W. W. Norton & Co.,2016.285 p. : ABC-CLIO, an Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC,2017xx, 379 p.H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com 3Grades 9 10 11 12 Adult355.4Grades 10 11 12 Adult355 ISBN 9781440844249ISBN 9780393245448 1. Cyberspace operations (Military science) 2. Cyberterrorism 3. 1. Military art and science Technological innovations 2. MilitaryEncyclopedias research 3. War and civilization 4. Technology and warLC oc2018143865LC 2016008754 This current volume seeks to provide some clarity regarding the Explores the science of keeping humans healthy and focused in thehistory and current capabilities of the cyber domain. Its authors have extreme environments of war, drawing on interviews with doctors, train- largely, though not exclusively, focused upon the Western experience, ers, and weapons testers to illuminate how soldiers are conditioned toparticularly the United States. In part, this isdue to the availability of survive traumas.Roachs book is not for the squeamish or those who envision war asavailable, but they tend to be more applicable to the target audience a glorious enterprise; it is a captivating look at the lengths scientists gofor this work. The authors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, to in order to reduce the horrors of war. Publishers Weekly. with a substantial number of them serving in the military or other gov-ernmental institutions. As such, it needs to be stated that the ideas and arguments presented in this volume are the opinions of the individual 355.0092 Military personnelauthors, based upon their expertise, and do not represent the position of any government, military entity, or institution.Provided by publisher.Grant, R. G. Most of us are familiar with the concepts of identity theft, cyber-crime, and related computer-security issues, but we do not know much Commanders:historys greatest military leaders /R.G.about cyberwarfare, in which hacking techniques are used to support a Grant.DK Pub.,2010.360 p. : state, organization, or ideology. This new reference work serves to docu-57'