b'Book Review DigestBook Review DigestConcise critical evaluations are culled from more than 100 selected American, British, and Canadian periodicals.Book Review Digest is an essential library tool that brings together bookreviews on a wide range of topics, from a variety of sources. Unlike reviews on book-sale sites and the open internet, these are serious reviews by qualified experts. This invaluable resource for literary and biographical research is essential for readers advisory and collection development. It provides excerpts from, and citations to, reviews of adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction. It also Newincludes descriptive summaries of the books. Virtually every book has at Edition! least one substantial review excerpt, and most have two or more. Every book in Book Review Digest appears with all its reviews together in the same listing.2021 Annual CumulationMARCH 2022 The Digest includes:One Volume; 2,200 pagesComplete coverage of 5,000+ books reviewed by 100+ publicationsLibrary Binding in the previous yearISBN: 978-1-63700-306-0Arranged by Author, each entry includes generous excerptsList Price: $695 from several book reviews Subject & Title Index, plus See and See Also references foradditional guidance Access by Genre is included for biographies, plays, poetry,and short storiesA handy, useful,Entries in Book Review Digest are arranged alphabetically by author, or title accurate index to aif appropriate, and supply: Authorstandard library tool.TitleAmerican Reference Books AnnualPaging Publication year Publisher ISBN LC number Descriptive note/Summary Review excerpts Notation of illustrations or mapsEnhancing its value as both a collection development and general reference tool, Book Review Digest offers subject access to book reviews in a separate Subject and Title Index.This helpful Index also provides subject headings for adult fiction under the entry for Fiction Themes, gathers biographies in a biography section, and provides access by genre for plays, poetry, and short stories.To make locating further information quick and easy, complete publication data is provided in every issue for each of the journals from which reviews are excerpted.26 H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com'