b'Famous First FactsFamous First FactsAmerican Book of DaysThis is a venerable and essential reference sourcelibraries owning the previous edition will want to update.BooklistPerfect for trivia buffs or scholars seeking facts; a highly recommended staple for public libraries and American history collections.Library JournalFor more than half a century, Famous First Facts has earned the accolades of reviewers and a place on library shelves nationwide. This seventh edition of the reference classic is updated and expanded with more entries reflecting the latest developments and discoveries, and organized for easier access to information. The seventh edition includes more than 8,000 firsts, with more than 1,000 that are new to this edition. Fields of study updated in this edition include science and technology, military history, and politics, describing events that have occurred since the 2006 edition. 7th EditionMARCH 2015 Features of this seventh edition include:One Volume; 1,400 pagesUpdates of existing entries based on new developments and discoveriesISBN: 978-1-61925-468-8Hundreds of images of the individuals, inventions, and momentsList Price: $195New sidebars highlighting history-changing firsts and other informationof particular interestPrint Purchase Covers firsts from 10,000 B.C., the date of the earliest human artifacts foundIncludes in America to the present dayFREE ONLINE ACCESSA main subject index, plus geographical, name and year indexes, offerresearchers direct access to every included fact.The American Book of DaysAccurate, balanced, well written. Recommended.CHOICEIdeal as a quick reference for anyone interested in learning more about American history.BooklistCompletely updated, this fifth edition highlights American holidaysand pivotal moments, arranged in an easy-to-use, day-by-day format,so readers can uncover fascinating and often overlooked accounts ofThe American American history. A truly unique way to showcase important eventsBook of Daysin American history.Fifth EditionThe American Book of Days features 850 essays marking importantanniversaries and the birthdays of history-making Americans throughoutthe 366 days of the year (including February 29th). Since 1937, this uniquerecord has provided readers with a new and interesting way to research5th Edition pivotal moments in American history, plus a wide variety of holidays andFEBRUARY 2015 important people. From the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation onOne Volume; 1,400 pages January 1st to the first Womens Rights Convention on July 19th to formerISBN: 978-1-61925-469-5 Secretary of State George Marshalls birthday on December 31st, this is aList Price: $195 rich treasure trove of the kind of detail that makes history come alive.Print Purchase IncludesFREE ONLINE ACCESS22 H.W. Wilson844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com'