b'Childrens Core Core CollectionsChildrens Collection Twenty-Fifth EditionCoreCollectionTwentyFifthEditionChildrens Core Collection (25th Edition, 2021) is a comprehensive guide to 16,000recommended books for children from preschool through grade six. In this information -packed volume, users will find bibliographic data, content descriptions and reviews of 15,000 essential and recommended titles, including Picture Books & Easy Readers, Story Collections, Fiction Books, Nonfiction Books, Biographies, and Graphic Novels. In addition, coverage also includes Library Science titles specifically addressing childrens librarianship and collection development for the age group, as well as professional materials for teachers and school administrators. Plus, users will also find a helpful Appendix of Caldecott and Newbery Award Winners.Collection Development Recommendations, Childrens Core Collection serves a wide variety of uses for the busy childrens librarian:by Librarians for LibrariansNew Purchasing & Title SelectionUser Service & Readers AdvisoryEdition!Curriculum SupportCollection Development & Maintenance Professional Development25th Edition EXPANDED COVERAGEOCTOBER 2021 Featured metadata in this edition includes precise genres and sub-genres, and One Volume; 3,000 pages expanded subject headings. Books are easy to find through the index, and the ISBN: 978-1-64265-804-0 metadata associated with each record offers consistent insight into the contents of List Price: $240 the book. Additionally, a number of awards are included. This edition also includes more resources for teachers and other educators, including books capturing best practices for teaching literacy or managing a classroom.This resource isCREATED BY LIBRARIANS, FOR LIBRARIANSindispensable forTitles are selected by an editorial team of experienced librariansall of them experts in librarians and schoollibrary services for young readers. media specialistsBIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA, PLUS CONTENT DESCRIPTIONS & REVIEWSIndividual entries provide a wealth of much-needed information at a glance. involved with collection Complete Bibliographic & Cataloging Datadevelopment and user ISBN and Publisher Data make purchasing titles quick and easyadvisory services. Suggested Subject Headings, Grade Level & Dewey Classification Content Descriptions & Quotations from select review sources are incrediblyCLASSIFIED COLLECTION 510511CHOICE useful when evaluating books to add to your collection and for readers advisoryTWENTY-SECOND EDITIONAdditional data on sequels, awards, and publication historyMcKellar, Danica 510.92Mathematics biographyMath doesnt suck; how to survive middle school math Over 3,600 Essential titles, our highest recommendation level, within subjectwithout losing your mind or breaking a nail.[by] DanicaHeiligman, DeborahMcKellar.Hudson Street Press2007297pil$23.95 Theboywho loved math;the improbable life ofareas are easily identified with a starred listingGrades: 5 6 7 8 510 Paul Erdos.Deborah Heiligman; illustrated by LeUyen 1.Mathematics Pham.Roaring Brook Press201348 p.(hardcover)$17.99 EASY-TO-USE ARRANGEMENTISBN 978-1-59463-039-2;1-59463-039-9 Grades: 1 2 3 4 510.92LC 2007017091 1. Mathematics2.Mathematicians Hungary Nonfiction books includes over 7,500 nonfiction titles, arranged by DeweyThis covers some of the most basic ideas of middle- BiographyISBN 1596433078;9781596433076 Decimal Classification.All subjects are covered, including Animals, Art, grade math, including concepts relating to fractions, deci-mals, and ratios, making each comprehensible, interesting, LC 2012029744 Computers, Health, History, Humor, Science, Sports, Technology, and moreand fun. Using real-world constructions, such as tangledOrbis Pictus Awards Honor Book (2014)necklaces, boyfriends, and pizza, concepts are thoroughlyThis book is a biography of mathematician Paul Erds. Easy books, arranged by author, offers over 4,000 recommended picture booksexplained. Voice Youth Advocates He was a child prodigy who had to be homeschooled due toof interest to children from preschool to grade threehis inability to sit still and follow rules. High school was a Merriam, Eve better fit, and he made friends with students who shared his Biographies. Arranged by subject, this section suggests 700 biographies on12 ways to get to 11;written by Eve Merriam; illus- love of math. His skills became famous, but Erds didntpersons of interest to children in elementary schooltrated by Bernie Karlin.Simon & Schuster Bks. for Youngknow how to do laundry, cook, or even butter his own bread. Readers1993unilhardcover o.p.pa$6.99 He didnt fit into the world in a regular way. So, he created Fiction, arranged by author, recommends 2,500 of the best fiction for childrenGrades: K 1 2 3 510 a life that fit him instead. (School Library Journal)1.Counting2.Mathematics Heiligmans joyful, warm account invites young listen-ISBN 0-689-80892-5pa ers and readers to imagine a much-loved boy completelyIN-DEPTH INDEXINGLC 91-25810 charmed by numbers. The polished, disarming text offersAn in-depth Author, Title, and Subject Index provides users with thousands of ways Uses ordinary experiences to present twelve combina- Pham free rein for lively illustration that captures Erdos tions of numbers that add up to eleven. Example: At the cir- childlike spirit. Kirkus to navigate this rich collection of recommended titles. Whether searching by author, cus, six peanut shells and five pieces of popcorn title, or one of the hundreds of subject areas found in the index, librarians can easily Some of the double-page spreads are simpler to solve than others, which allows children to progress as they learn511General principles of mathematics locate titles that will round out their collection.more about counting. The huge, vibrant cut-paper and col-ored-pencil pictures make the book fun, lively, and pain- Murphy, Stuart J.lessly educational. Horn Book Guide The sundaescoop;illustrated by Cynthia Jabar.Harp- The Childrens Core Collection is an essential resource for library and media erCollins Pubs.200333pil(Mathstart)hardcover o.p.specialists looking to enhance their collection with the most important and highly Schwartz, David M. pa$4.99 Gis for googol;a math alphabet book.written byGrades: 1 2 3 511 recommended titles currently available. Any childrens librarian will benefit from David M. Schwartz; illustrated by Marissa Moss.Tricycle1.Mathematics having this amazing collection of recommended titles at the ready to help build and Press199857pil$15.95 ISBN 0-06-028924-4;0-06-028925-2lib bdg;0-06-Grades: 4 5 6 7 510 446250-1pa strengthen their collection.1.Alphabet2.Mathematics LC 2001-24322ISBN 1-883672-58-9 This presents the concept of combinations in a story LC 98-15162 about a group of children who host an ice-cream booth at 8 H.W. Wilson844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.comExplains the meaning of mathematical terms which be- their school picnic. With two flavors of ice cream, two sauc-gin with the different letters of the alphabet from abacus,es, and two choices of toppings, the children are surprised binary, and cubit to zillion that eight different sundaes are available. . . . Murphy easily The text is lively and clear and will appeal to even thosefolds the math concepts into a lively story that will capture who think math is as dull as the kitchen floor. . . . The cartoonyoung readers, and Jabar reinforces the lesson with color-illustrations are colorful, amusing, and informative. SLJ ful , whimsical drawings of delectable ice-cream scoops. Includes glossary BooklistTang, Greg Nagda, Ann WhiteheadMath-terpieces;the art of problem-solving.illustrated Tigermath;learning to graph from a baby tiger.by by Greg Paprocki.Scholastic Press200331pil$16.95 Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel.Holt & Co.2000 Grades: 2 3 4 510 unil$17.95;pa$7.951.Counting2.Set theory3.Art appreciation Grades: 2 3 4 511ISBN 0-439-44388-1 1.Tigers2.Graphic methodsLC 2002-5361 ISBN 0-8050-6248-3;0-8050-7161-XpaA series of rhymes about artists and their works intro- LC 99-46686duces counting and grouping numbers, as well as such artis- Describes the growth of an orphan Siberian tiger cub, by tic styles as cubism, pointillism, and surrealism means of words and graphsClearly written solutions to these exercises are givenEasy-to-understand picture, pie or circle, bar, or line at the end of the book along with art definitions and briefgraphs, all with explanations, appear on the left; facing pag-explanations. This math-concept book is far more appealinges of text and clear full-color photographs are on the right. than most. SLJ SLJ255'