World Authors 2000-2005

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ISBN: 978-0-8242-1077-9
800 pages
Pub. Date: 2007
Price: $170.00

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An all-new collection of biographies in the widely praised World Authors series, World Authors 2000-2005 covers some 300 novelists, poets, dramatists, essayists, scientists, biographers, and other authors whose books—published 2000 through 2005—represent the dawn of a new millennium of great literature.

Well-researched, in-depth accounts (averaging 3,000 words), explore writers’ backgrounds, formative experiences, and literary achievements.

  1. Many autobiographical accounts, written specifically for this volume.
  2. Profiles also highlight critical response to authors’ works.
  3. Entries include suggested reading lists and bibliographies.
  4. Photo of the author accompanies many of the entries.

World Authors contains reliable biographical data, plus candid anecdotes, opinions, and insights:

Gregory Orr’s disclosure that “Probably the pivotal event in my life happened when I was 12 and was responsible for the death of a younger brother, Peter, in a hunting accident”; Martha McPhee’s explanation that her novels “rose from the beautiful wreckage of my childhood”; James D. Houston’s account that "the very desire to be a writer was seeded in those long ago Sunday morning [church] services where language itself was the primary means for connection with a higher power."