Reference Shelf: Marijuana Reform

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ISBN: 978-1-61925-436-7
200 pages
Pub. Date: October 2014
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Marijuana Reform is a collection of articles that examine the recent push for marijuana policy reform in America, which has reached a turning point in 2013 as many states are trending towards legalization and taxation of the psychoactive drug, both medicinally and recreationally. The volume begins with articles that highlight the recent trend towards legalization and whether a “tipping point” has been reached in the national debate over marijuana reform. The next chapter examines the differences in the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and how that argument has been framed. Next, the progressive push towards regulating and distributing medical marijuana is examined, with focus on the research, or lack thereof, behind the movement for marijuana as a viable medical treatment for a vast array of illnesses. Closely related to that topic is the argument for the declassification of marijuana, which many researchers and scientists feel is necessary in order to fully understand the potential of marijuana’s seemingly promising ingredients and effects. The volume concludes with a chapter on marijuana taxation, a slippery slope that many feel is helping to turn the tide in the marijuana reform debate.