Reference Shelf: The Two Koreas

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ISBN: 978-1-64265-218-5
172 pages
Pub. Date: January 2019
Price: $75.00

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This volume of The Reference Shelf looks at America's relationship with North and South Korea, from the long U.S.-South Korean military alliance to America's developing relationship with North Korea and the tense 2018 effort to stem North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Chapter topics include:
  • The Tale of Two Koreas
  • Life in the Two Koreas
  • The Korean Threat
  • The Current Summit Talks and What They Mean for the Future
  • Korean Americans
  • A selection of key primary and secondary sources will look at the experiences of Korean immigrants, the future of U.S.-Korean trade and military agreements, and how perceptions of U.S.-Korean relations have changed over time.