Reference Shelf: Income Inequality

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ISBN: 978-1-63700-294-0
200 pages
Pub. Date: August 2022
Price: $75.00

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This edition of The Reference Shelf indicates that income inequality is increasing, with wealthy Americans controlling a greater share of the wealth while incomes for most Americans have changed little compared to the increasing cost of living. This issue of The Reference Shelf takes a close look at the factors impacting income inequality in the United States. Articles featured in this issue examine topics such as the minimum wage, wealth inequality, tax loopholes, corporate taxation, and the ways in which healthcare, childcare, and food expenses prevent Americans from advancing in the economic spectrum.

This volume begins with a preface; a brief description of fairness and inequality, wealth in America, wages and taxes, as well as causes and solutions. Income Inequality includes articles and essays that fall into the following five topics:

  1. The Wealth Gap
  2. The Minimum Wage
  3. The Taxation Dilemma
  4. Cause and Effects
  5. Solutions and Strategies

Together, this information provides thoughtful, comprehensive coverage of income inequality and how discussions surrounding the concern of the United States economy have come to a forefront today.