Reference Shelf: Revisiting Gender

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ISBN: 978-1-61925-433-6
200 pages
Pub. Date: April 2014
Price: $75.00

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Revisiting Gender examines the changing role of women and men in shaping American life in education, work, and public and private life. This collection begins with articles covering the status of girls and boys in public education. Studies reveal a change in the gender divide with girls raising the bar on success rates in the classroom. The ratio of men to women in politics continues to shine a light gender perspectives of both politicians and voters. This chapter looks to the most interesting stories on the dynamics of gender on the state and national level. Another chapter will cover the status of women and gender equality in the corporate realm, a subject much covered in the last year. In our media-rich society, the power of images continues to be a fascinating subject on how gender is represented. The final chapter turns to the dynamics of home life, questioning the roles women and men hold in traditional and non-traditional forms.