Reference Shelf: Faith & Science

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ISBN: 978-0-8242-1119-6
200 pages
Pub. Date: October 2012
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Can faith and science be reconciled? As the articles in this collection reveal, the answers to this question may depart from the historical divide between religious belief and the sciences. How religion influences the brain, research based on neurology and neuroscience, is part of a series of articles on the science of faith. A number of researchers explore the common ground with faith and religion, claiming an alliance of environmental science and ethics in order to address the critical problems surrounding the future of the earth’s resources. A series of articles examine the debates where religion and science diverge. The role of religion in the public schools remains one of the most controversial issues, which often centers on the teaching of evolution. A collection of articles examines how education leaders address these issues, including the controversy over the teaching of “creative design” in the classroom. Other articles address the intersection of science and religion in death and the afterlife, medicine and faith healing, and the origins of the universe.