Reference Shelf: College Sports

ISBN: 978-1-64265-792-0
172 pages
Pub. Date: August 2021
Price: $75.00

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Where should America draw the line between professional and student athletes? This volume examines a variety of scandals and controversies in the college sports world, including admission scandals and the methods that recruiters and school administrators use to find, sign, and groom players. While some celebrate college sports and its role in producing players who go on to play at the professional level, others argue that college athletics denigrates the role that universities and colleges are supposed to play and that too often student athletes are exploited. Other critics argue that the entire college sports industry costs too much, resulting in rising tuition and college costs for students who receive little benefit from their institution’s sporting activities. This volume also looks at whether or not college athletes deserve some portion of the more than $1 billion industry that they create.