b'Short Story IndexShort Story Index A unique guide to short stories of all styles and genres, from classics to experimental fiction, this easy-to-use volume unlocks the contents of thousands of short story collections that would otherwise be invisible to the library patron. High-quality indexing, down to the individual story level for each short story collection covered, helps the user easily discover short stories about any topic of interest.This unique reference aid is a guide to important contemporary literature for students, literary researchers, and other library users. It provides thorough, accurate indexing of short stories written in or translated into English and Newpublished in collections. This updated edition provides immediate access to Edition! nearly 4,000 short stories and over 300 collections. From Adventure Stories to Zombies in Literature, from the stories 2020 Annual Cumulation of Sherman Alexie to Charles Yu, and everything in between, this JANUARY 2021 comprehensive index provides students and researchers with immediate One Volume; 260 pages access to thousands of short stories, arranged by Author, Title and Subject ISBN: 978-1-64265-727-2 Area. Without this important index, these short stories can be incredibly List Price: $295 hard to find, or can go completely overlooked.A combined Author, Title, and Subject Index makes easy work of researching short stories by a number of different criteria. The author entry is the main entry, and includes the following information: The writers name Story title Author or editorAn essential resource Title of the collection in which the story can be foundfor readers seeking shortPlus, a List of Collections provides a complete list of all collections stories by author or genre,covered in each edition.or for those researching aShort Story Index is an essential resource for readers seeking short stories body of work of a literaryby author or genre, or for those researching a body of work of a literary figure. It provides detailedfigure. It provides detailed indexing for thousands of short stories that would indexing for thousands ofotherwise be incredibly difficult to find.short stories that wouldShort Story Index is published annually in a vinyl bound single volume.otherwise be incredibly difficult to find.Backlist Titles from H.W. WilsonVisit www.hwwilsoninprint.com or call (844) 630-6369 for more information about backlist titles from H.W. Wilson.All titles on this page include free online access with your print purchase. 28 H.W. Wilson844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com Visit www.salempress.com or call (800) 221-1592 for more information on these Salem Press titles.'