b'Primary & Secondary Documents, Plus Carefully-Edited Introductory Materials Help Students and Researchers Reference ShelfNavigate Through These Important Topics TheReference Shelf Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources F OODI NSECURITY& H UNGER IN THEU NITESS TATESFood Insecurity & Hunger in the United StatesThis issue of The Reference Shelf looks at Americas food economy and food inequality. Though America is the worlds wealthiest nation and has some of the most productive agricultural land in the world, it still has a serious problem with food availability and hunger. Research indicates that around 11 percent of American households struggle to obtain enough food, or quality foods, each year and 5.6 million households suffer from low access to enough food, or high-quality foods. This is not only a problem forNew!the homeless and destitute, but also for the underemployed, college students, children, and the elderly in many parts of the country, and obesity, depression, asthma, and problems performing at work or in school are associated with not having enough to eat. This issue looks at why this problem persists in America asTheReference Shelf well as investigates the underlying causes, racial and ethnic disparities, and potential solutions to this long- Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources standing and increasingly severe American crisis. N ATIONALD EBATET OPIC 2021/2022 APRIL 2021 One Volume; 200 Pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-790-6 List Price: $75National Debate Topic, 2021-2022Each year since 1925, students from around the country engage in debates informed by the National Forensic Leagues (NFL) yearly national debate topic. Covering topics that range from U.S. foreign relations and economic policy abroad to key domestic issues, the NFL debate topics help shape academic and public discussions of some of the countrys current issues and controversies. Through samples of the bestNew!and most recent journalism and popular writing on the topic, The Reference Shelf provides an essential guide for students, teachers, and others interested in taking a deeper look at some of the most pressing and popular controversies in this current moment of American history.TheReference Shelf JUNE 2021 One Volume; 200 Pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-791-3 List Price: $75 Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources College Sports C OLLEGES PORTSWhere should America draw the line between professional and student athletes? This issue examines a variety of scandals and controversies in the college sports world, including admission scandals and the methods that recruiters and school administrators use to find, sign, and groom players. While some celebrate college sports and its role in producing players who go on to play at the professional level, others argue that college athletics denigrates the role that universities and colleges are supposed to play and that too often student athletes are exploited. Other critics argue that the entire college sports industryNew!costs too much, resulting in rising tuition and college costs for students who receive little benefit from their institutions sporting activities. This issue also looks at whether or not college athletes deserve some portion of the more than $1 billion industry that they create.TheReference Shelf AUGUST 2021 One Volume; 200 Pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-792-0 List Price: $75 Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources Vaccinations V ACCINATIONSWhile most Americans participate in vaccination, for a small number of Americans, vaccination is perceived as a threat and possibly even a conspiracy. This issue of The Reference Shelf looks at the history of vaccination as well as the regulation and administrative processes surrounding the creation and dissemination of vaccines. The cost and availability of vaccines in American communities is examined, as well as laws regarding childhood vaccination and access to schooling and other public facilities. Illnesses and other medical controversies related to the industry, and the emergence of the science skepticism/anti- New!vaccine movement that continues to influence American popular thought, is examined. This issue looks at how vaccines and the anti-vaccine movement have evolved with America and how this interplay of politics and personal liberty continues to impact American public health. TheReference Shelf OCTOBER 2021 One Volume; 200 pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-793-7 List Price: $75 Exploring Contemporary Issues withSelected Primary & Secondary Sources Representative American Speeches, 2020-2021 A R EPRESENTATIVEMERICANS PEECHES2020-2021 In this annual issue of The Reference Shelf, we look at some of the best, most impactful, and most uplifting speeches from 2020 -2021. Ranging from politicians to political activists to celebrities, this issue ofThe Reference Shelf provides a unique record of American culture during the year as seen through the eyes of some of the nations most important public figures. With an eye toward encompassing a diversity of perspectives, speeches will help provide a glimpse of American thought and attitudes on the years most important stories.New!DECEMBER 2021 One Volume; 200 Pages ISBN: 978-1-64265-794-4 List Price: $75H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson 844.630.6369 www.hwwilsoninprint.com 13'