b'FREE ONLINE ACCESSWe are excited to announce that select titles from H.W. Wilson now include Free Online Access on our popular Salem Press platform. When you activate online access, your students and researchers can search H.W. Wilson encyclopedias and Reference Shelf titles, right alongside your Salem Press and Grey House titlesone amazing platform with content from all three of our imprints.Titles that come with Free Online Access include:Reference Shelf SubscriptionsAmerican Game Changers NEW TABLE OF CONTENTSFacts About the Presidents NEWAmerican Book of Days Core Collections2American ReformersFiction4Nobel Prize Winners, 2002-2018Public Library: Nonfiction5 Speeches of the American PresidentsYoung Adult Fiction6Famous First Facts Graphic Novels7Famous First Facts About American PoliticsChildrens8Pages: 11-21Middle & Junior High9New Reference Shelf Titles for 2021Senior High10The Reference Shelf12Our editors have been hard at work developing the subject areas American Reformers16for Reference Shelf coverage for 2021. New topics covered in theAmerican Game Changers17year ahead will include Policing in America, Food Insecurity &Speeches of the American Presidents18 Hunger in the United States, College Sports and Vaccinations,Famous First Factsplus continuing coverage of the National Debate Topic andAbout American Politics18Representative American Speeches.Pages: 12-15 Facts About the Presidents19Famous First Facts20The The The American Book of Days20Reference ShelfReference ShelfReference Shelf Exploring Contemporary Issues with Exploring Contemporary Issues with Exploring Contemporary Issues with Nobel Prize Winners21Selected Primary & Secondary SourcesSelected Primary & Secondary SourcesSelected Primary & Secondary Sources P OLICING INA MERICA C OLLEGES PORTS F OODI NSECURITY& H UNGERCurrent Biography22IN THEU NITESS TATES Book Review Digest 24Sears List of Subject Headings25Index to Legal Periodicals & Books26Readers Guide to Periodical Literature27Short Story Index28Recommended Titles from Salem Press29Encyclopedias Recommended Titles from Grey House31H.W. Wilsons new edition of Facts About the Presidents willImportant Indexes Designed to be released in November 2021. You might also be interested in our other encyclopedias covering American Game Changers,Make the Most of Your CollectionAmerican Reformers, Speeches of the American Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners and Famous First Facts About AmericanH.W. Wilson offers a wide variety of popular indexes that Politics. All of these volumes include Free Online Access, too.help library patrons and library professionals access and These fascinating collections of biographies, speeches, andlocate materials in their collection. Whether youre looking political firsts offer many ways for students and researchers tofor short stories, content in periodical literature or legal Sears List explore and learn about the events that shaped American historyperiodicals, H.W. Wilson has you covered!of Subject Headings and modern society. Pages: 16-21 Pages: 24-28Make sure you updateyour edition ofSears List ofSubject Headings.Youll get one yearof free onlineaccess, too!Page: 25H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com H.W. Wilson844.630.6369www.hwwilsoninprint.com 1'